PMAP Induction 2015….Professional Models Association of the Philippines!

2013-15 PMAP President Angel Augustin, 2015 -2017 PMAP President Rafa Keifer and The Rene Salud being interviewed by the press.
Mike, Ali, Martyn (Austen Morris Associates Regional Manager) myself, PMAP Board member Paulette Quinto and Matt (Austen Morris Associates )
PMAP Family Affair – Hubby Nice, myself, Aunty Desiree (founder of PMAP) Cousin and current PMAP Secretary Aya and 1st President of PMAP Uncle Jb
with the inspiring Jeff Bascon
with my PMAP sisters Paulette and Marge
my dear friend Mike and future beauty queen Ricci Jereza
Mr PMAP President Rafa and my hubby Nic
BUSA CEO Nic Belasco, Austen Morris Associates Matt & Martyn and Ali Peek


Congratulations to the new members of the PMAP board.  Most especially my beautiful cousin Aya Abesamis and Mr President Rafa Kiefer.

PMAP is an association that was grouped together to protect and enhance the standards for fellow models in the fashion industry. This coming 2017 we will celebrate its 30th Anniversary, it will be an important stage for the new elected board to start planning the exciting event. Look out for their other special projects they have in store. Go see for potential PMAP models will be held end of November. Watch out for announcements to how and where you can join the prestigious association.

Loving my Prada shades I won during the PMAP event

Enjoy watching the PMAP Induction 2015 on my YouTube channel Mafae Belasco #mafaesworld

Special thanks to –

Eric Delo Santos for my Dress

Angelo Justin for my Hair and Makeup


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