The “SuperWoman” Kia Duras

Kia drew Nic and I on my Nike Air Force Ones
Kia pregnant to her fifth baby girl posing with her painting.

If there were a real superwoman it would be Kia Duras!

Kia posing with her paintings at an Art Festival in Stockton California.
(Kia with her daughters) Leesie, Kylie, Ayanna and Kylie
One of my favs of Kias paintings. Mother and Daughters love.
Kias IG page for her Skin Clinic

Now tell me who do you know that has done it all and still living life to the fullest with a smile.

Introducing my cousin in law 42 years old and not looking a day over 25.

Kia 3 months post partum to her 5th child…super mama!
Kias fab 5. #girlarmy (Ayanna, Kami, Leesie, Kylie and Makenna

I am proud of knowing this woman, my husband and Kia grew up together and was mostly mentored and guided by their strong willed grandmother ‘Mimi’.

Nic (my hubby) & Kia at 4 years old.
Cousins with Grandma ‘Mimi’ (RIP) Sabrina, Nic, Ben & Kia

‘Mimi’ was the original “SuperWoman” that took care of a 5 acre property that she turned into a farm. Mimi’s property was Kia and Nic’s playground throughout their childhood years. Having four daughters of her own Mimi still managed to live each day making sure her animals, property and family were all taken care of. Kia took after Mimi’s lead and now lives in the same property with her 5 girls.

Kia , Kami & I during a family reunion at Stockton park.

This picture was taken during Kia’s cancer episode. Kia was recovering and going through chemo still and fell pregnant to her fourth child Ayanna. The doctor informed her that it would be dangerous for her to pursue the pregnancy, with her big heart she took the chance. Kia was then blessed with a healthy baby girl and is now free from cancer.


This lady means alot to me and sharing her with you all is the least I can do. I hope Kia inspires you like she does to me each and everyday.

Love you cousin,

mafae xoxo


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