Date Nights! The SECRET to married life!

Hubby Nic Belasco
At Marriott Cafe during the launch of North Asian Showdown launch. Hair and makeup by Leslie Espinosa (@lesferesp) Dress by Eric Delos Santos


Marriage is not meant to be perfect but the simple things can make it worthwhile.  I believe in the saying “it takes two to tango”, and enjoying the dance of marriage is definitely bliss.  Its been almost 13 years of marriage with my husband and I feel like I learn something new each day.   I definitely do not regret anything we have been through because it has been a learning experience of a lifetime.

Finding your soul mate is always a hard thing to do but once you have them by your side, it’s good to know the simple things to keep each other happy. I stand by three important things –

1/ Communication (Date night is always best, fun and exciting.)

2/ Trust (Put yourself in your partners shoes and understand their situations. Its always a challenge but worth it! Trust me!)

3/ Teamwork (you made your commitment with your husband so the only way now is together no matter what.)

Sharing with you my never ending love story roller coaster ride. We hope you enjoy our Vlog #7 ..Introducing to you my soul mate/best friend/hubby Mr Belasco…


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