The Miracle Tree – Moringa Oleifera


My hubby and I with the Father of Multi Level Marketing and Founder of Zija International Ken Brailsford.
Team ZIja Philippines Lorence irvine, myself and hubby Nic Belasco
Translation device
Founder of Zija International Ken Brailsford
Dr. Josh Plant
VP Zija Interantional Ryan Palmer, Nic Belasco, myself, Dr. Josh Plant and Bryant Eggett, South East Asia Zija Head
Asia Leaders with Zija International Heads

It was definitely an exciting adventure that my hubby and I had the past weekend. Zija International flew us to Hong Kong to grace the Zija Asia awarding and the privilege to meet the Founder Ken Brailsford and the Zija International management.

Such an inspiring company to be part of and their products are amazing. Moringa Oleifera (in the Philippines also known as Malunggay), is their main ingredient and the results are loved by all. As an expecting mother I need the wide range of nutrients offered naturally in Moringa Oleifera to fulfill the vitamin needs for myself and the baby. I drink Zija SuperMix daily and I feel great. I strongly recommend all mommies to be to try it, it has helped to naturally ease the pregnancy blues! Bye bye morning sickness!!!

Apart from the products, the inspiring drive of the company is its’ motto to help others by providing “Opportunities!”

If you want to enjoy Life Unlimited and know more about Zija International and all natural organic health products, do not hesitate to leave a message and I would be happy to share the blessings. =)

Money is a fleeting commodity. It comes and it goes. But that which is of lasting value is the good we do for others.” – Ken Brailsford

Hong Kong food at its finest Roasted Duck and Vegetable Noodles

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