Karina celebrates her Birthday with a new love….

Oh no! Positive says the pregnancy test…23 years old and having my first child. Now 10 years old and extremely handsome just like his daddy! The happiness in experiencing the first time mama-hood is Ahhh-mazing. The changes in your body, moods, anxiety and excitement to name a few.

A beautiful friend of mine has recently experienced this wonderful blessing, right in time to celebrate her 27th Birthday with her. Meet Karina –

Karina Cervantes Cabiling, 27 years young

image3 (1)with her new baby boy. 4 weeks old

image1 (1)

(Left: 9 months(36 weeks) pregnant

 Right: 10 days postpartum)

Favorites during pregnancy fruits mainly mangoes and blueberries

image1 Staying in shape after giving birth –

“I stayed active during pregnancy by walking and exercising regularly. I did at least an hour of walking outdoors every other day. I also did prenatal Pilates and yoga three to four times a week.”

” I’d be lying if I tell you that having a newborn is all flowers and rainbows. Yes there will be a lot of happy tears. Your heart will melt, if not explode a thousand times because you’ll feel so much love for your precious baby! But it will also probably be one of the most challenging and energy draining time of your life. So educate yourself with what’s coming and be strong(especially on the first week). It will feel easier when you get the hang of it.”

image2 (1)Hardest thing being a mom?

“I decided during pregnancy that I will exclusively breastfeed the baby. And that is the hardest thing. The constant demand for your body and time takes a lot of patience and devotion.”

Karina had Normal birth and dreams to do it again maybe two more times : )

image3You may follow Karina’s inspiring mama journeys on her –

Facebook  – Karina Cabiling

Instagram – @karinacabiling

” Take care of yourself first so you can take care of your children the way you want to.”

To all mommies – to – be there is hope in looking even more fabulous after giving birth…take it from Karina = )


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